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We always offer the best quality at the best prices. We offer many top of the line, trusted energy efficient products from consumer-chosen brands. We also offer flexible financing, making payment options a snap. We’ll take the time to evaluate your A/C system and understand your cooling requirements in order to guide you on the best decision for you and your family. We will perform a heat load calculation that takes into account the Texas heat and humidity. If a new system is in order, we will ensure you get the best one for your personalized needs.


We understand how unbearable the temperature can start to feel in your house when your system isn’t operating properly. It can even be unsafe, especially if you have children or the elderly living with you. We also understand how valuable your time is. We provide reliable, same day air conditioning repair service, without overtime fees, so that you can return to enjoying the comfort of your home as soon as possible.


We use thermal imaging technology to accurately pinpoint trouble spots and find ideal installation areas before we begin any service. With our 24-hour AC service you can call us for sudden breakdowns and emergencies. We have over 50 years of experience helping you with every visit. We have friendly trained technicians that are sensitive to your home’s cooling needs.


If not properly maintained, A/C units are more susceptible to issues that can require costly repairs. A1Lightfoot offers a variety of affordable A/C maintenance plans that include air conditioning tune-ups. Regular, preventative maintenance helps to significantly reduce the need for expensive repairs, improves indoor air quality, and lowers your energy costs. It also helps ensures you get the full life of your system.


According to Energy Star, inefficient homes lose about 20% of air moving inside of a duct system due to holes, leaks, and poor connections. On the other hand, correctly sealed ducts help reduce the risk of dust, fumes, and pollutants, such as those found in outdoor pesticides and garden chemicals, from entering and circulating into your home’s air flow. They help keep the proper balance of moisture in the air. Proper ductwork also keeps the return air flowing smooth and clean, therefore keeping your system running more efficiently. Don’t forget to ask us about our duct cleaning services as well.

Ask Us About York’s Performance Promise Extended Warranty.

*10 Years Total System Coverage

*Zero Deductable

*No Repair Limit

*Timely Repair

*No Expenses for Business-hour Service Calls


We can repair or service any brand of A/C unit.

*Carrier commercial units
*First Company
*Thermal Zone

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